Eames Farm History

The year was 1859, Abraham Lincoln was on the campaign trail representing the newly formed party organized in Ripon, Wisconsin; mass migrations to the West were in full swing; the lengend of the famous egg battle in Egg Harbor was twenty-five years old, and Horace Franklin Eames was born in Macham, Canada to Horace William and Asenath (Mougin) Eames.

Frank, as he perferred to be called, began teaching school upon his arrival in Egg Harbor with his parents and other children in 1876. While teaching he got to know one of his students, Emma Baker. Driven to better himself, he attended the University of Illinois Medical School and following graduation in 1877, established a residency in Stephenson, Michigan and married his former student Emma Baker, then 22 years old.

Thus began a realtionship with the village of Egg Harbor that would span the next half-century.

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